MA studies: Mission in Europe and the UK

Europe is perhaps the greatest challenge in mission today.

Whilst the churches of the Global South continue to grow, Europe and the UK remain “the exceptional case” where secularity appears to be triumphing over religiosity at every turn.

To engage in Christian mission in the diverse, complex and intercultural Europe and UK of today will require innovative thinking which relates the eternal unchanging truths of the gospel to the contextual realities of our continent.

The exciting MA in Contemporary Missiology at Redcliffe College allows you to reflect on your role and context in the light of contemporary issues in and approaches to mission.

You can focus specifically on European Mission, studying part-time over four years.

You will study the following modules:
CM1  Research Methods and Approaches for Missiological Study
CM2  Global Missiological Issues in Intercultural Contexts
CM4  Crucial Issues for European Mission and Theology
CM5  The Practice of European Mission in European Contexts
Your dissertation will also have a focus on mission in Europe.

MA Course outline Contemporary Missiology (European Mission)

For full course information and to apply, visit the Redcliffe College website


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