HOPE II Resources

One of the deepest frustrations of this week is that despite all our best laid plans, I have been prevented from attending the HOPE II event in Budapest due to a family accident on Sunday. It’s not life-threatening but it does require me to remain here in the UK for the next few weeks.

Anyway, I was supposed to have been presenting the plenary ‘FACE THE FACTS!’ session at 1400 this afternoon (Tuesday) but have instead had to video a hastily prepared movie file which is available for download by clicking this link (NB. This is a BIG file! It may take awhile to download if you are using anything other than the fastest of connections).

Thanks to Paul Tanner (Director) and John Tezak (Assistant) for their help with its production.

For a full version of the script I have been using, you can see a copy by downloading from this link here. You can download a copy of the Powerpoint file by clicking this link.

I will also post sections from the paper on the Europeanmission blog over the next few days.

Thanks for logging on and I hope you enjoy this resource and others from around the blog.

Revd Dr Darrell Jackson

Director, Nova Research Centre and Lecturer in European Mission, Redcliffe College, UK

One Comment on “HOPE II Resources”

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