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Render to Caesar… but Peter’s successor would like a slice please.

July 23, 2010

The staff of the Nova office are currently enjoying the rather more relaxed environment of a college empty of students. In the absence of ‘hard’ research-led European mission stories today, here’s a ‘summer holiday’ story which made us smile.

The Vatican has been issuing its own Euro coins since 2002, reports EUObserver, and has recently begun minting €2.3 million annually. At least 51% of those coins must be circulated at face value.

This follows the previous practice of only selling the Vatican’s Euro coins as collectors’ sets – and sold at a sum higher than the face value of the coins themselves. Earlier issues of the coins had been restricted in numbers and this has tended to force up the street price that can be charged. There may be an investment opportunity here for those quick to spot a bargain and it would, presumably, count as an ethical investment?

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