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Church Planting Research Report: interim results released

May 11, 2011

The Nova Research Centre has been an active partner in an important new research initiative that is likely to prove of enormous benefit to the missional church planting community in Europe. Nova’s Director, Darrell Jackson, has been working with lead researcher, Tim Herbert of Syzygy, on a report due in its final form by mid-2011. The Report has been commissioned by with the intention of establishing a directory of church planters and mission church thinkers and practitioners across Europe.

Over 1,000 individuals were invited to contribute to the project and a total of almost 400 have provided information to date. The Interim Report features their initial responses and begins to set the broader context for church planting in each national context. A copy of the Interim Report will shortly be made available.

Leader researcher, Tim Herbert, has been presenting the findings of the research to the Church Planting Network currently meeting in Budapest for the HOPE II conference. This is a unique resource and is being made freely available to interested individuals. It is not comprehensive but it is the largest database of its kind yet to be compiled. Tim Herbert hopes that other church planters present at HOPE II will provide their information and highlight others who might be encouraged to take part. This is still possible by completing the online survey at

You can read Syzygy’s news release at