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Urban Church Planting in Europe

May 17, 2011

City to City – Europe‘ describes itself as a growing network of church plants and pastors throughout Europe with an annual meeting. The next meeting of the network takes place in Berlin between the 25-27th October, 2011 at the ‘Gospel and the City’ Conference.

Network members are working in major European cities, represent various denominations and minister in different urban contexts. The network  values an approach to effective urban ministry that applies the gospel to every aspect of life and church ministry and believes that church planting needs to be thoroughly contextualised. It appreciates secular culture while maintaining the historic confessions of the Christian faith. The network draws inspiration from the practical example of Redeemer Presbyterian Church and the teaching of Timothy Keller, founding pastor of this church.

The 2011 Conference is being opened up more widely and will include important input from European speakers including Dr. Stefan Paas of the Netherlands who will offer a comparative evluation of the main differences between European and American church planting in the urban context. For further details of the event, or to follow links to the City to City site, check out our ‘Events’ pages.

Church Planting Research Report: interim results released

May 11, 2011

The Nova Research Centre has been an active partner in an important new research initiative that is likely to prove of enormous benefit to the missional church planting community in Europe. Nova’s Director, Darrell Jackson, has been working with lead researcher, Tim Herbert of Syzygy, on a report due in its final form by mid-2011. The Report has been commissioned by with the intention of establishing a directory of church planters and mission church thinkers and practitioners across Europe.

Over 1,000 individuals were invited to contribute to the project and a total of almost 400 have provided information to date. The Interim Report features their initial responses and begins to set the broader context for church planting in each national context. A copy of the Interim Report will shortly be made available.

Leader researcher, Tim Herbert, has been presenting the findings of the research to the Church Planting Network currently meeting in Budapest for the HOPE II conference. This is a unique resource and is being made freely available to interested individuals. It is not comprehensive but it is the largest database of its kind yet to be compiled. Tim Herbert hopes that other church planters present at HOPE II will provide their information and highlight others who might be encouraged to take part. This is still possible by completing the online survey at

You can read Syzygy’s news release at

HOPE II blog and twitter stream

May 6, 2011

We’ve just finished our interim Report on Missional Church Planting in Europe, ready for its first outing next week in Budapest – just under 90 pages with the details of 330 or so church planters in Europe drawn from the over 1,000 we’ve contacted during the course of our research.

In Budapest, from Monday 9th-Friday13th May, five hundred participants gather for two days of plenary followed by meetings across a variety of specialist Networks. I have a plenary session ‘Face the Facts!’ taking a look at several key indicators bearing on mission in Europe. I’ll be posting a copy of the presentation on the blog shortly before the presentation. It’ll be available for immediate download.

We’ll be reporting on the events as they unfold and will update our blog, twitter feed and Facebook as frequently as we are able. Stay tuned!

New Baptist church in Rouen facing challenges

January 21, 2011

The Incarnate Network reports on the work of Reuben and Katie Martin (with their three children, Naomi, Rebekah & Benjamin) working with BMS World Mission in Rouen. They have been working in a tough and challenging urban environment since 2007 and this short three minute video outlines some of the challenges and their reflections on their experiences to date. Here, Reuben honestly talks about the real challenges they’ve had to deal with.

Reuben and Katy’s experience in Rouen builds on almost six years of church planting experience in the Croatian city of Dubrovnik.

You can watch the video by following this link.

Hammocks, flat-screens and graffiti – welcome to Church!

December 15, 2010

New congregations in Denmark are emerging from within the Church of Denmark. The Church of Denmark is Lutheran and receives state support for many of its activities. All the more unusual then that two congregations in Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest and University city, should have been established that are independent of the funding system of the Church.

Aarhus Valgmenighed and Aarhus City Church are both elective independent congregations within the Lutheran Church in Denmark. A third congregation working among young people will open early in 2011. Both Valgmenighed and City Church are structured around home-based cells meeting for worship and study. Valgmenihed has 700 members with a further 2-300 who regard it as their congregation whilst studying at University.

You can