Evert Van de Poll

Evert Van de Poll is Professor of Religious Studies and Missiology at the Evangelical Theological Faculty in Leuven (B.), and pastor with the French Baptist Federation (FEEBF) with an itinerant teaching ministry.

He was born in the Netherlands (1952).  After having completed his studies at the Conservatory in Zwolle (piano, organ), he studied theology in Birmingham and Utrecht and then developed a teaching and writing ministry.

He and his wife Yanna moved to France in 1998. They have five children and five grandchildren.

They have led several church planting projects, first in the Netherlands and in France.

At the moment they live in Nîmes, where Evert is organist of the Grand Temple. He regularly gives organ recitals and occasionally a piano recital in the surrounding region.

Evert’s recent publications include: Europe and the Gospel: Past Challenges, Present Influences, Mission Challenges (2013), Church Planting in Europa (with Joanne Appleton, 2015), Messianic Jews and their Holiday Practice: History, Analysis and Gentile Christian Interest (2015), Mission intégrale: vivre, dire et faire l’Évangile (editor, 2017).
More information about his books and articles in English, French and Dutch on his personal website http://www.evertvandepoll.org and his ETF webpage http://www.etf.edu/medewerkers/evert-van-de-poll/

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