Mission on the margins: reaching the LGBT community

The June 2018 issue of Vista focused on a number of areas where mission takes place on the edges of society.  Examples included the Roma, girls in the sex industry, the LGBT community, asylum seekers  and a reflection on mission from the margins in Kosovo.

As editors we recognised that some of the margins explored by the writers in this issue of Vista may step beyond what our readers are comfortable with, both missiologically and theologically.

Following publication,   Matt George, Director of ECM NZ and Australia contacted us regarding the article ‘Lets talk about LGBT inclusion’ by Danielle Wilson and the editors invited a response from him. Both articles are linked below for your consideration and reflection.

Vista 30 – lets talk about LGBT inclusion

Vista 30 – a response

Read the full issue here

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2 Comments on “Mission on the margins: reaching the LGBT community”

  1. Interesting article and response – thank you. One note: LGB issues concern sexuality but T issues concern gender identity. There is significant disagreement within the LGB (particularly the L) community whether T should even be included under their umbrella for this reason. From the little I know I have concluded there are significantly different theological questions raised regarding gender identity and sexuality and it’s important we recognise this in our responses both personally and theologically.

  2. Jim Memory Says:

    Totally agree. This is borne out by the testimonies which illustrate the Transformed report by the UKEA published at the end of last year. I recommend all pastors and mission leaders to read it: https://www.eauk.org/resources/what-we-offer/reports/transformed-understanding-transgender-in-a-changing-culture

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