Mission in Central and Eastern Europe

eastern europeSometimes generalisations are made about European mission which are only really true of Western Europe. This edition of Vista seeks to redress this problem by looking specifically at mission in Central and, especially, Eastern Europe.

Anne-Marie Kool’s lead article sets the scene with a ‘Missiological Manifesto for the 21st Century’. She identifies six key areas of interest to Eastern European Christians, including reconciliation, the Roma, ecclesiology, otherness and the role of missiological education.

Daniel Trusiewicz reports back from a recent EBF conference in Georgia, with church planting news from Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and beyond. Jon Coody and colleagues at the Hodos Institute also look at the former Soviet Union, sharing the key findings of their research into leadership and evangelicals there.

Alena Kazlouskaya introduces us to Kolokol (the Bell), a Russian-language newspaper published in Belarus and circulated throughout the former Soviet Union. Kolokol is used as an evangelistic tool and to promote Christian values in prisons, hospitals, and elsewhere.

This edition of Vista concludes with an article by Vladimir Ubeivolc, who explores being a missional church, and practising holistic mission, in the Eastern European context. His article includes case studies from his own experiences in Moldova.


Download Vista 28 here

Chris Ducker, Jim Memory, Darrell Jackson and Jo Appleton

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