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Mission in a Network Society

May 20, 2017

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Paul’s extraordinary success in spreading the gospel among the Gentiles was in no small part due to the network of Christian brothers and sisters who worked with him. Between eighty and ninety people are described as Paul’s co-workers in Acts and the NT letters, depending on how broadly we apply the term. Networking has always been key to Christian mission and is the theme of this edition of Vista.

Chris Ducker’s lead article introduces the theme of networks, provides a review of the types of networks found in today’s globalised world and sets out some of the benefits and dangers of networks for mission. Phill Butler takes this analysis further and considers how networks and their outcomes can be evaluated. He then gives some recommendations for collaborative mission initiatives. And Mark Oxbrow provides a challenge to remember that at the heart of healthy partnerships are relationship-building and shared lives.

Jo Appleton presents the results of our survey of Vista readers and their networks. She sets out the advantages and disadvantages that you identified, and highlights the importance of shared vision and values, leadership and good communication.

This edition of Vista concludes with two case studies. Jaume Llenas and Pedro Tarquís describe the emergence of vibrant media networks in Spain and Katrina Kessler recounts the origins and development of the European Leadership Forum, which enables leaders from across Europe to connect with others in the area of their speciality.

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