Mission after Brexit

BrexitThe four co-editors of Vista are all British missiologists with a love for Europe. In our first post-UK referendum edition of Vista we take a distinctly personal approach to what has been, for us and for many across Europe, a deeply-felt and disturbing moment in our recent history.

The sense of disappointment, disbelief, anger, grief, and embarrassment, has mellowed somewhat but the note of lament is evident in every article in this edition of Vista. But just as evident is our unshaken confidence in the gospel and the need for deep reflection on the implications of this decision for Britain and the rest of Europe.

The two lead articles by Darrell Jackson and Jonathan Chaplin encourage church and mission leaders to use this moment to ask fundamental questions about their values and practice and their future political engagement in Europe.

Chris Ducker looks at the role that identity played in the decision and what this means for mission post-Brexit, and Jim Memory considers some of the controlling narratives that may have motivated many British Christians to vote Leave.

This edition of Vista concludes with three shorter articles: an abstract of a Redcliffe MA dissertation exploring the attitudes to mission in mainland Europe in UK Anglican churches; a review of “God and the EU”, Chaplin and Wilton’s collection of essays on political theology and the EU; and a personal piece by Jo Appleton that reminds us of the sovereignty of God even over Brexit and all its implications.

A future edition will feature non-British perspectives on this issue but, for now,
we would really encourage you to leave your comments below.

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