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Vista 14: The State of Europe revisited

July 20, 2013

Editorial: A Matter of Perspective

A matter of perspective

Much of what is written about Europe is written “from the centre” and represents the viewpoint of those that are closest to the European institutions and/or the principal centres of economic and political power in the main European heartlands of France, Germany, UK and the Low Countries.

That is no less true of articles and books on mission in Europe where a great deal of reflection all too often collapses into an Anglo/Northern-European generalization which fails to represent the realities or the challenges of Christian mission in other parts of Europe.

The previous edition of Vista on The State of Europe sought to give our readers a broader perspective on Europe by gathering views from the outside, from North and South America, from Africa and from Asia, in the confidence that critical friends might reveal our blindspots as Europeans reflecting on mission in Europe in our own continent.

This edition builds on that by providing some alternate assessments from within. Jeff Fountain of The Schuman Centre for European Studies and David Kerrigan of BMS World Mission give their unique perspectives on mission in today’s Europe, and these are complemented by two views of Europe from the margins. Hervin Fushekati, Vice President of the Evangelical Alliance of Albania makes an impassioned call to disciple Europe’s youth. And I conclude with an assessment of the challenges for mission today as seen from Spain.

Vista 14 concludes with a review of a book which gives a further unique take on the state of Europe, through the lens of economics: Tomas Sedlacek’s The Economics of Good and Evil.

We hope you find it good summer reading

Jim Memory, Darrell Jackson, Jo Appleton

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