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Vista Issue 13: The State of Europe

May 7, 2013

I was driving at night along the motorway in the UK recently and was faced with two distinct challenges. Quite suddenly it began to rain very heavily. So heavily, in fact, that my windscreen wipers were barely able to shift the deluge of rain from my eyeline. Whereas previously I had been driving along quite happily at 130 kph, I now had to reduce my speed to 80 then to 50 kph. It was then I became aware of a second problem. Whilst I could just about see ahead, I had lost almost all my peripheral vision, my ability to see the vehicles alongside and behind me.

This edition of Vista mirrors that situation somewhat. Until relatively recently Europe was moving forward relatively smoothly but no longer. Darrell Jackson looks at the State of Europe today at this stormy time when our vision is seriously impeded. Perhaps more than ever we need the help of others to also see our blind spots. So we have asked for some views on Europe from the outside. George Brown (North America), David Ruiz (Latin America), Darrell Jackson (Asia/Pacific) and Tertius Nieuwoudt (Africa) provide fascinating insight on Europe and European mission today. We hope you find these perspectives helpful in improving your vision of mission in Europe, which of course what Vista is all about.

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