2011 England and Wales Census shows drop in religious affliation

A quarter of residents in England and Wales profess no religion, according to statistics released today from the 2011 census. This is up 10% from the 2001 census.  In Wales, nearly a third (32%) say they have no religion, with the number of people identifying as Christians dropping by 14%.

Overall, 59% of residents class themselves as Christians, with the figure rising to 68% in the North-East of England, the highest of any region. This is still the largest religious grouping. 25,1% have no religion,, and 4.8 identify themselves as Muslim.

The Guardian datablog has an interactive map giving a visual breakdown of the changes between 2001 and 2002

Figures for Scotland will be released next week.



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One Comment on “2011 England and Wales Census shows drop in religious affliation”

  1. Hello UK and Wales,
    when you speak of the people group ‘non-religious’ do you mean all those who are not member (anymore)? We observe also a huge increasing of persons who don’t want to be member of an institution BUT the mayority is still in (a loose) contact with christianity because you never know when you need the ‘service of a church’.
    People are still religious and open for spiritual things but not member.
    So your public numbers may show a rigth statistic number but the perspective is important. It would be interesting to have a statistic concerning the non-religious about their closeness to christian spirituality.
    It’s our chance to present the gospel and not the church!

    Greetings from Switzerland

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