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Vista 10: The Realities of Migration in Europe today

July 16, 2012
Migrants, for the most part,  do not care what I know but want to know that I care. God migrated to humanity so all of us in turn could migrate back to God.”
Daniel Groody

The very first edition of Vista dealt with the topic of migration. In this tenth issue, for the first time we revisit a subject which we have treated before, a fact which reflects just how crucial the issue of migration is for mission in Europe.

In her lead article, Jo Appleton seeks to break through the rhetoric and the stereotypes which surround the subject of migration and to present the reality—that there are many different types of migrant and each of these presents a different challenge for Christian mission. She also provides a table of the preferred countries of destination for migrants of a given origin and some fascinating charts of the religious affiliation of migrants.

Darrell Jackson has two brief articles: an analysis of the historical importance of migration in the history of Christian mission in Europe, and an investigation of efforts towards integration in Europe and the crucial part that churches are playing in this.

Human trafficking is unquestionably one of the ugliest realities of today’s Europe and our guest writer, Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag pulls no punches in her article yet leaves space for hope as she introduces the work of the European Freedom Network.

It is a privilege to edit Vista and to teach the MA in European Mission and Intercultural Christianity at Redcliffe College. In many ways Vista is the product of our years of reflection on the crucial issues of mission in Europe today. If you want to think deeper about such issues then my final piece will be of interest.
Jim Memory

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