Dreams and the Church in Turkey

The website of the European Baptist Federation http://www.ebf.org carried the following story  on Tuesday 15 November. Authored by Klaus Rösler

In Turkey, more and more Muslims are becoming Christians because they have dreamed about Jesus Christ. Recently, the pastor of the evangelical Agape Church in Samsun, on the Black Sea, Orhan Picaklar, reported such a case.
A young woman became a Christian after Jesus Christ appeared to her in a dream. But that’s not all: after she had been attending worship services, she brought her mother and her younger sister along with her in the mid-October. This is quite extraordinary, since in general, the families of converts are extremely critical of them. In a prayer letter, Picaklar wrote that after the worship service, the mother even promised to tell her husband that his daughter was now a Christian “at the right time”, so that he would not have a negative reaction.
Again and again, there are unexpected meetings with interested people. For example, at the market, Picaklar offers free Bibles and invites those interested to come and see his church. Recently, a woman came by. She told him that she had taken eight Bibles from the market and had given them to women in her neighborhood. She was delighted to have a Christian church in her neighborhood, although she herself was not a Christian. She urged Picaklar to make sure that the church remained in its current place, although there are no plans to move.
The church was planted in 2003. A short while ago, there was a baptism ceremony where four people were baptized. About 50 attend worship services each Sunday. The Agape Church is the only  evangelical church in the Samsun Region, which has a population of 1.2 million. It is in close contact with the European Baptist Federation (EBF). Picaklar is a former Muslim who became a Christian through reading the Gospel of John.

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One Comment on “Dreams and the Church in Turkey”

  1. Valentin Kozhuharov Says:

    No wonder! (although we might wonder – becoming a Christian is quite unusual for a country where Islam has had strong roots) I know Muslims in Bulgaria (where some 10% of the Bulgarian population are Turks and are Muslim) who became Christians and the interesting thing is that most of them went to the Evangelical churches, not the Orthodox church. There may be Muslims who have had dreams, before deciding to embrace Christianity, but I am not aware of specific cases. On the other hand, I say “no wonder” because Turkey in general is a secular country, although publicly it has been proclaimed that it is a Muslim one, but I have been many times there and know many Turks (both in Turkey and in Bulgaria) and have found that in general the population in Turkey is not religious, in the sense of true followers of Allah, but they “feel religious” only by tradition or public opinion. From this perspective, Turkey is a real challenge for Christians and the more they get to know the Turks the more they would find that it is a huge mission field out there. Of course, the government, the Muslims and all the various Islamic societies in the country would do everything to prevent any mission but this is the challenge which Christians face in all their attempts in the different countries in the world as a whole.

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