Internet usage forces changes to the new Danish Bible translation

A new Danish Bible version completed in 2007 has just been revised (as ‘The New Agreement’)  in response to Google search engine returns for a range of religious words. According to the Danish Bible Society, if you type ‘sin’ or ‘sinner’ (synd/synder) into the Danish version of Google you get a range of hits that refer to the environment, football, education. Hits that refer to orthodox Christian understandings fall some way down the rankings.

Research by the Bible Society shows that 56% of Danes turn to Google when they want to find something out about religion. This is an argument for Christian websites to pay more attention to optimising the search terms they use to ‘tag’ their pages. However, the Bible Society decided that they should be doing something proactive about the fact that most Danes are unable to decode religious language. According to news, ‘The assumption by the editorial committee is that modern Danes do not understand the religious codes behind such words as ‘mercy’ and ‘repentance’, and the new version helps them into the religious world with recognizable and meaningful words.’

A sinful person is now somebody ‘who does not live as God wants’ and ‘confession of sin’ becomes ‘telling somebody about everything you have done wrong.’

The New Agreement is available on Facebook and Twitter and features over 1,500 revisions made following internet research.

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