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We’ve just finished our interim Report on Missional Church Planting in Europe, ready for its first outing next week in Budapest – just under 90 pages with the details of 330 or so church planters in Europe drawn from the over 1,000 we’ve contacted during the course of our research.

In Budapest, from Monday 9th-Friday13th May, five hundred participants gather for two days of plenary followed by meetings across a variety of specialist Networks. I have a plenary session ‘Face the Facts!’ taking a look at several key indicators bearing on mission in Europe. I’ll be posting a copy of the presentation on the blog shortly before the presentation. It’ll be available for immediate download.

We’ll be reporting on the events as they unfold and will update our blog, twitter feed and Facebook as frequently as we are able. Stay tuned!

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2 Comments on “HOPE II blog and twitter stream”

  1. Steve Hollinghurst Says:

    look forward to seeing you there Daryl will also be doing a plenary on mission and spiritual seekers

    • Yes, I’d seen your name on the programme. Do you know about the Mongolian shaman who has his horses, yurts, and pasture-land to the north of the city? He’s consulted by political and social elites.

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