Motorbike church, Hainaut, Belgium

Our friends at the Incarnate Network have recently posted a video featuring the work of Stephen Pitt, one of the leaders of Moto ConneXion, described as a missional church.

The web blurb says ‘Moto ConneXion is a missional church plant for the open road, a motor bike church. The church meets regularly for road trips to seek Christ. Every trip is a double journey: a ride on a motorcycle and a spiritual journey. During the day the riders gather at pre-determined stops for a Bible reading, meditation or prayers, then back on the road where the rider is left alone in his or her helmet. It sounds almost monastic…

At the end of the day all gather for food and fun.

Stephen Pitt is one of the leaders of this alternative Christian community and member of Incarnate, he features on the video.

Moto ConneXion is sponsored by the Mission Evangélique Belgian, (Belgian Evangelical Mission).’

You can view the video by following the link.

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