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Beer and Bible

January 25, 2011

A Danish pastor has a fairly unique approach to taking the Bible into places not normally known for being centres of preaching.

Pastor Flemming Kloster Poulsen told the Danish Lutheran Chruch’s news service,, ‘I’m a pastor and I’ve been telling stories for many years – in vicarages, libraries, festivals, and schools. Since 2003 I’ve run the Storytelling Cafe in Randers.

His biblical storytelling has not only been limited to pubs abd clubs however. In addition he’s visited hospitals, prison, business leaders, politicians, and the mentally disabled. His website carries video links to examples of his stroy-telling craft.

Pastor Poulsen has named his project, ‘The story behind the word – bible stories on all levels’. You can read more about it by following the links or by visiting his website


Average church & Danish women

January 24, 2011

A Gallup Poll conducted among 11,612 Danish adults discovered that the average churchgoer in Denmark is a female who: Is well-educated and over 60; Reads fiction every day; Goes to fitness training once or twice a week; Has a driving licence; Goes on holiday somewhere in Europe once a year, often camping; and votes centre-right (the present government).

This intriguing statistical portrait conveys the impression of treadmills all over Denmark full of churchgoing women aged over 60, presumably as preparation for their summer camping trips. The formidable reputation of female Danish Lutherans has surely increased as a consequence of this report.

Other findings confirm the previously reported low rate of regular church attendance (2%) with 24% of Danes never going to church. 32% of churchgoers are aged 12-29 years old.

You can read more of the report at the Church of Denmark’s own website by following this link.

New Baptist church in Rouen facing challenges

January 21, 2011

The Incarnate Network reports on the work of Reuben and Katie Martin (with their three children, Naomi, Rebekah & Benjamin) working with BMS World Mission in Rouen. They have been working in a tough and challenging urban environment since 2007 and this short three minute video outlines some of the challenges and their reflections on their experiences to date. Here, Reuben honestly talks about the real challenges they’ve had to deal with.

Reuben and Katy’s experience in Rouen builds on almost six years of church planting experience in the Croatian city of Dubrovnik.

You can watch the video by following this link.