Corruption in Europe

Transparency International (TI) published its annual report on corruption and Greece now ranks as the most corrupt member state of the EU, taking the spotlight off Romania and Bulgaria which have moved slightly up the TI ‘corruption index’ to just ahead of Greece. Also struggling with corruption, according to the scales used by TI, are the Czech Republic, Italy and Hungary. Their TI score has fallen since last year’s report. Russia’s score has also fallen although Ukraine’s has risen and its corruption index is now slightly ahead that of Russia. The UK ranks 20th out of 178 countires surveyed, its lowest for several years.

Outstanding among the European countries is Denmark, which ranks at number one in the list, sharing that position with Singapore and New Zealand.

The impact on the Greek economy has been noted by leading Greek experts who have estimated that corruption probably costs  the country several billion dollars per year. This is doubtless true for other European countries that also struggle to eliminate or reduce corruption. The report’s authors do not attempt a correlation between the corruption index and majority Christian traditions in each of the European countries. This would in theory be possible though in all probability would be seen as controversial.

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3 Comments on “Corruption in Europe”

  1. Annette Says:

    Very interesting, thank you! I am currently working in Greece in the area of anti-trafficking and the level of corruption makes it that much harder. Increased intercession required!

    I also heard some stories of ‘corruption’ in the Orthodox church the other day… how can we expect the country to carry out ethical practices when their State Church is not doing so!

  2. Corruption in Europe « Europeanmission…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  3. Jonathan Middelbos Says:

    In my opinion, the problem with the corruption index is that it praises countries for following procedures, and largely disregards the importance of relationships. It is in essence a Western tool that advocates Western standards…

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