News from European Impact Direct on human trafficking

We’ve recently received this  email at the Nova office from the team at Care for Europe.

New EU Directive on Preventing & Combating Human Trafficking

The new proposed EU Directive on Human Trafficking, which proposes excellent measures on prevention, victim care and prosecution, going further than current UK legislation, is to be voted following a joint debate of the Civil Liberties Committee and the Women’s Rights Committee of the European Parliament next Thursday (2nd September). The joint Rapporteurs Edit Bauer MEP (Slovakia) and Anna Hedh MEP (Sweden) are recommending that the wording proposed by the European Commission be strengthened by, amongst other things, (i) making it clear that victimsshall not be prosecuted for their involvement in activities they have been compelled to do (AM27); (ii) knowingly using the services of trafficked people becomes a criminal offence (AM45); and (iii) by calling on Member States to confiscate traffickers’ assets and ensure that profits seized from them are used to support victims (AMs 23, 24, 25 & 26).

Please pray that the suggested improvements to the directive mentioned above will all be voted for and therefore become part of the final report.

Please consider encouraging MEPs who are members of these Committees to support the recommendations of the Rapporteurs in Thursday’s vote. You can find their details here and here.

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