British Missionaries across Europe – 1951

A copy of Missionary Informer: A survey of British Missionary Activity has recently crossed my desk. It was published from a survey of British Missionary Societies in 1951 and lists missionaries by continent. The survey reveals that there were 103 British missionaries serving with missionary societies in continental Europe. The greater number of these were working in Spain (29), France (23), Malta (14), Germany (6), followed by Belgium, France, Portugal and Switzerland (each with 5) . The ratio of missionaries to nationals was calculated. Malta had one British missionary for every 22,000 Maltese nationals whilst in Italy there was only one missionary per 9,199,000 Italians.

The survey only counted protestant missionaries and probably didn’t include chaplains serving Anglican congregations and chaplaincies (serving for example with the Intercontinental Society or with the Diocese of Europe). It did include missionaries working with the Glynn Vivian Miners’ Mission (in France, Germany and Spain) and one missionary in Yugoslavia with the Barbican Mission to the Jews.

A pdf copy of the 8 page report can be downloaded by clicking here: Missionary Informer 1951 British Missionary activity

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