Jedi Knights in the UK there are

Yes, it is still summer here in the UK. That’s the traditional time of the year to run items that might not appear as important at other times of the year. This time we feature one of the maps produced by the geogeeks over at Floating Sheep.

The UK census in 2001 asked a question about religious identity and there were just over 390,000 who indicated ‘Jedi Knight’ (making it the fourth largest reported ‘religion’ in the UK). The good folk over at Floating Sheep have geo-mapped internet references to Jedi Knights in the UK. They conclude that, ‘The greatest number of references to Jedi exist in and around the cities of Manchester, Nottingham and Birmingham rather than in the capital and largest city of London.’ The virtual location appears to bear no relation to actual census data (with the most Jedi Knights being resident in the city of Leeds (7,543). There are more Jedi Knights in the UK than in Australia (70,000), New Zealand (53,000), or Canada (with a mere 21,000).

The Floating Sheep authors wonder whether the lack of geographical overlap between virtual references and actual census data is due to an important force nexus located somewhere within these cities.

The mapping of the data by FloatingSheep is part of a wider and longer term attempt to map references to religion on the internet. The presentation of the data suggests possibilities for anybody trying to understand the task of mission and the nature of religion/spirituality in the digital domain.

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