Basque Evangelicals apologize for not supporting ETA victims

Basque Protestants have produced a manifesto calling ‘for peace and remembrance’, and exhorting the Basque separatist organisation, ETA, to lay down its weapons. It tells ETA that ‘here can be no forgiveness without repentance’. At the same time the Evangelical Council of the Basque Country sought forgiveness from the victims of ETA terror campaign for ‘not having known how to help those who have been the object of rejection, public shame, abandonment and the cowardly violence of those who use arms to try to impose their will’. At the same time it affirmed that ‘silence’ from the universal Christian Church on any type of violence ‘should cause us profound pain’ and ‘repentance’.

The Basque Evangelical churches called on ETA, to ‘abandon their arms’, adding that ‘there is no true justice without peace, that there is no peace without forgiveness, and that there will be no forgiveness as long as there is no acknowledgment of guilt. Also, that guilt cannot be acknowledged without a desire to live together peaceably, and this coexistence cannot come about without the desire for a free society’.

The churches strengthened their commitment to ‘serve’ Basque society ‘by providing a shared space for healing wounds, for strengthening positive, constructive values in people, and for contributing, along with the rest of society and with the help of God, towards the creation of an environment where we can reach the ideals of peace, justice and liberty that we all long for”.

Source: Protestant digital

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