From the European Parliament

Two issues recently brought to our attention by the office of Care for Europe

Elections in the Netherlands and Czech Republic

Voters in the Netherlands go to the polls this Wednesday (9 June) to elect a new Parliament. These elections are being held early because the ruling Christian Democrat/Labour/Christian Union coalition fell apart earlier this year over the stationing of Dutch troops in Afghanistan. According to the polls the right if centre People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) could take as many as half of current Christian Democrat votes and become the largest party, but it will still need coalition partners.

In the Czech Republic, last Sunday’s elections had an unexpected result. Although the Social Democrats did scrape through as the largest party, with only 22.8% of the vote, their position is well below that of the three right of centre parties led by the Civic Democrats (ODS). Both the Christian Democrats and the Greens failed to achieve the 5% threshold necessary for any seats in the parliament.

Prayer: Please pray for wise choices by the Dutch voters, and for both countries an early formation of a coalition government willing to take strong action in the national interest in response to the current financial crisis.

European Parliament Written Declaration on setting up a European early warning system (EWS) for paedophiles and sex offenders

This excellent Written Declaration (No. 29) – the equivalent of a Westminster Early Day Motion – is currently open for signature by MEPs. It is calling for a system to prevent sex offenders escaping surveillance by moving from one European country to another. Please consider contacting you MEP/s to ask them to consider giving this Declaration their support.

Please pray that this declaration will be successful in attracting MEP signatures and achieving concerted European action to protect children.

Source: European Impact Direct (7th June 2010)

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