Danish Church confirms 75 percent of all 14 year olds

Views about how secular Europe is becoming often quote figures relating to baptisms, confirmations, and weddings in a church; the so-called ‘occasional offices’. Figures recently released by the Lutheran Church in Denmark highlight the cultural significance of confirmation and raise the question of a missional response to the issues. This is how the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe reported on confirmations recently carried out:

‘Every year in late April or May three-quarters of all 14-year-olds are confirmed through the Danish Lutheran Church.

The coming-of-age ritual is prepared through the preceding winter with pupils beginning the school day once a week at their parish church. This year around 38,000 youngsters are being confirmed, 53% from Jutland, 25% from Zealand and the remainder from Funen and the other islands.

The content of the confirmation teaching is the tenets of the Christian faith and an understanding of the rituals of the Morning Service. Most churches require their youngsters to attend at least 8 Sunday services as well as follow the confirmation classes – taught by the church pastors or catechetes. Parents are invited to meetings in the course of a season and pastors are always on hand to answer questions. But for most youngsters the party overshadows the pledge.’

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