Urban mission in 75 European cities

Three things that concerned the citizens of seventy five of Europe’s major cities were: job creation and reducing unemployment (64 cities), improving the quality and availability of health services (54 cities), and improving education and training (39 cities).

Other important issues were the availability of housing, urban safety, air pollution, and road and public transport.

Urban safety levels were highest for people living in the Nordic cities. Italian cities were those in which most people complained about air pollution. Over 95 percent of people in Athens believed that noise is a problem. Germans were least satisfied that their city authorities spent money efficiently on public services. Public transport was most frequently used in Paris, London, Prague, Budapest, and Stockholm.

A slim majority of people in 68 cities believed that the presence of foreigners in their city was beneficial but only in 40 cities did over 50 percent of people agree that foreigners were well integrated.

The report from which these results are extracted should be useful reading for any reader of this blog with an interest in urban mission. Its 150 pages contain much more information that fills out the contextual background for urban mission – suggesting potential entry points and ministry emphases.

As its free, you can’t really lose anything by giving it a try!

Eurobarometer report

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