Hungary lurches to the right

The Magyar Garda

Elections to the Hungarian Parliament have given seats to  26 members of the far-right Jobbik (see the current edition of our research quarterly Vista). The 31 year old leader says he will take his oath wearing the paramilitary uniform of the Magyar Garda (Hungarian Guard), linked with violent attacks on Roma communities in Hungary.

The majority of votes (52.8%) were won by the centre right party, Fidesz, which between 1998-2002 courted the support of Hungary’s majority Roman Catholic Church (5.5 million members according to the 2001 census) and the Reformed Church (1.6 million members in 2001) . The success of Fidesz is a reflection of the Socialist Party’s inability to deal with corruption and its own  inability to govern effectively.

The churches of Hungary and a number of mission agencies are active among the Roma communities in Hungary. Their accommodation to the political changes will require wisdom and a keen Kingdom perspective as they work in welfare, community, church-planting, and evangelistic initiatives.

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