Mission? In Europe?

Currently sitting in meetings planning for the Edinburgh 2010 centenary mission conference scheduled for June of this year.
Strange to recall that  the 1910 Mission Atlas specially produced for the Edinburgh 1910 world missionary conference was not allowed to display mission activity in Europe – other than Christian mission to te Jews in several European cities.
The assumption running through these current preparations for June 2010 is that mission in Europe is a pressing and absolutely necessary task. How times have changed!
In the situation of inter-church relationships there are still some tricky issues to be resolved but none of us can ignore the vibrant and vital presence of churches from the global south and many pentecostal and charismatic churches that are all active in European mission.
Commitment to innovation in mission whilst retaining an appropriate accountability to church networks and structures will continue to frame discussions of church, mission, and unity.
You can join the discussiomn of mission, unity and eccelsiology by posting a comment here, or by checking out the Edinburgh 2010 website for the study process ‘Mission, unity, ecclesioloy’ http://www.edinburgh2010.org/en/study-themes/8-mission-and-unity-aeur-ecclesiology-and-mission.html

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2 Comments on “Mission? In Europe?”

  1. Chris Enwerem Says:

    Inter-church relationship through a true partnership with both European evangelicals and the global south churches (mostly Pentecostal and Charismatic churches) coming to do mission in Europe is a way forward for effective outreach in Europe.
    There is need in recognising God has distributed his gifts to different people for the benefit of His kingdom. If we all see ourselves as one body and not complete alone without the other then all Europe in Europe will be touch by our massage.
    The two tricky issues to deal with are Theology and racism. These are tools that the enemy are using to pull us apart. How can Europe evangelicals accommodate global south Christian that strongly believe that demons are responsible for blindfolding people of Europe from hearing the gospel – and in response would prefer much time to be given in some forms of spiritual activities and welfare rather than much time in forming mission strategies? How can we get the balance where both views welcome?
    Racism is not only towards those coming to the Europe but also from global south towards those they are meeting. “Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?” has been attitude of some evangelicals. Can anything good come from those that are coming from non-western country to do mission here in Europe? Can anything good come from those evangelicals who are the west?

    • Thanks Chris. Good to see you posting here. Your final questions about the tension between ‘fighting demons’ and the alternative ‘planning mission strategies’ goes right to the heart of the debate. Until we can all learn that mission in Christ’s way is mission in humility, we can never move beyond mutual suspicion and accusations that our Christian faith and practice is deficient.

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