Where is Europe?

Seems a pretty fundamental question to ask for a Research Centre focussed on European mission. It’s not an easy question to answer though. I’ve decided that most Brits think Europe begins on the other side of the channel (that’s ‘la manche’ in heretic-speak), most Scandinavians who think it begins on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea, the Italians who cross the Alps to get into Europe, and the Spanish who have to travel over the Pyranees before they’ve arrive in Europe. This leaves Europe as a 30km x 30km patch of territory surrounding Frankfurt.

The Eurovision song contest includes Israel, parts of Africa are further north than the European island of Cyprus,  Turkey has territory on either side of one traditional dividing line between Europe and Asia (the Bosphorous) and Russia west of the Urals is generally described as European but does that make all of Russia a European country?

When you’re next thinking about your mission trip to Europe – think about the problems you’re going to have about knowing where to book your tickets to. It’s almost as difficult as trying to define what we mean by mission. Which brings me on to another question…

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3 Comments on “Where is Europe?”

  1. Benita Hewitt Says:

    Am I first??

    So, Europe is anywhere else … but not here! Do the people in the 30km x 30km patch of territory surrounding Frankfurt think that they are in Europe, or do they think it’s elsewhere too?

  2. Benita Hewitt Says:

    Defining Europe … almost as difficult as defining a Christian?

  3. timjdavy Says:

    Cracking way to begin nova’s blogging adventure! Will follow with much interest.

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